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Author Topic: Day of Infamy maplist (aktuell på TheSwedes Day of Infamy server)  (Read 1416 times)


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Day of Infamy maplist (aktuell på TheSwedes Day of Infamy server)
« Reply #1 on: 2017 January 02, 11:31:09 »

 - updated 23 may 2018  ( 1 Coop + 1 MP -server) TheSwedes Day Of Infamy MP Server and all working maps are in vote.
gibraltar liberation
ardennes liberation
ardennes offensive
ardennes frontline
doi_v2_forest offensive
tom offensive
lazio offensive
faulquemont frontline
faulquemont liberation
el_guettar_alpha offensive
doi_laststand offensive
doi_pegasus offensive
offen liberation
web_carentan liberation
web_carentan offensive
web_carentan frontline
testdec17 liberation
monte_cassino offensive
weihnachten liberation
doi_sandwall offensive
doi_sandwall liberation
flakturm offensive
flakturm liberation
flakturm frontline
compass offensive
compass liberation
compass frontline
causeway offensive
causeway liberation
causeway frontline
puys_alpha offensive
puys_alpha liberation
pruefstand7n offensive
pruefstand7n liberation
pruefstand7n frontline
panzer_tag offensive
panzer_tag liberation
panzer_tag frontline
squatter_night offensive
squatter_night liberation
squatter_night frontline
squatter_dawn offensive
squatter_dawn liberation
squatter_dawn frontline
squatter offensive
squatter liberation
squatter frontline
lighthouse offensive
lighthouse liberation
lighthouse frontline
compass offensive
compass liberation
compass frontline
ladbroke offensive
ladbroke liberation
ladbroke frontline
dunkirk offensive
dunkirk liberation
dunkirk frontline
breville offensive
breville liberation
breville frontline
brittany liberation
Rhineland offensive
Rhineland liberation
Rhineland frontline
bure liberation
bure offensive
bure frontline
tobruk liberation
tobruk offensive
doi_donner liberation
doi_donner_dawn liberation
saint_lo liberation
saint_lo offensive
saint_lo frontline
alps_a2 liberation
crete liberation
crete offensive
crete frontline
panzerschlacht liberation
panzerschlacht  offensive
panzerschlacht frontline
pruefstand7 liberation
pruefstand7 offensive
pruefstand7 frontline
sicily liberation
sicily offensive
sicily frontline
ortona liberation
ortona frontline
ortona offensive
comacchio liberation
comacchio frontline
comacchio offensive
dog_red offensive
bastogne liberation
bastogne frontline
bastogne offensive
reichswald liberation
reichswald frontline
reichswald offensive
salerno liberation
salerno offensive
salerno frontline
westwall liberation
westwall frontline
westwall offensive
westwall entrenchment
metz offensive
foy liberation
foy offensive
dianville offensive
morgentau liberation
jagd liberation TheSwedes Day Of Infamy Coop Server

Right now only doi-std coop maps.

Här finns alla community banor http://steamcommunity.com/app/447820/workshop/
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