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Author Topic: SourceMod ver. 1.0 släppt  (Read 2468 times)


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Re: SourceMod ver. 1.0 släppt
« Reply #2 on: 2008 March 23, 16:31:22 »
jätte roligt att droga sig själv och samtidigt ha max gravity  ;D ;D
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SourceMod ver. 1.0 släppt
« Reply #1 on: 2008 March 23, 16:22:48 »
Äntligen är SourceMod ur beta stadiet !

Sveriges GunGame server har denna version rullande tillsammans med SourceBans webb gränssnitt.

SourceMod 1.0.0 Released Mar 16, 2008 21:03
I am very pleased to announce that we have finally released SourceMod 1.0.0. This represents our first stable release. You can grab the packages from the new downloads page.

The final build is the same as the last automated build (r1946). Over the past two weeks, up to and including today, we made small changes in preparation for this release. Please see the Release Notes for configuration and compatibility changes that may affect you.

We will continue to provide bug fixes and minor improvements to the 1.0 branch. From now on, the "trunk" of the source code tree will always be experimental/unstable. Automated builds will continue to feed from trunk, which currently represents the next branch, 1.1. The web compiler (which is also used on the forums) will, from this point on, remain against the latest stable version.

I would like to thank the entire SourceMod Development team for making this possible. In particular, I'd like to thank pRED who helped pick up my slack over the past few weeks. It's been exactly one year since SourceMod's first public build, and we're very proud to have reached this important milestone. As always, thank you for your support!