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Author Topic: Days Of War uppdatering 8 Juni 2017  (Read 2008 times)


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Days Of War uppdatering 8 Juni 2017
« Reply #1 on: 2017 June 09, 22:32:08 »
Driven Arts har släppt en uppdateriung som delar spelarna i 2 läger.
Den innehåller följande:

ADS is now limited to rifle classes only
Recoil has been increased across the board
Increased player acceleration to make side to side movement more responsive

Updated all player animations
Rebuilt lighting for dow_carentan, dow_kaysersberg, dow_omaha and dow_foy
Implemented new character specific lighting to improve player visibility
New blood impacts on player model and environment
Added new mg42 model

Fixed several map exploits (thank you to Forcewhut)
Fixed various bullet collision issues (thank you to rdBaZti)
Fixed issue where enemy players could not hear audio commands
Fixed bug where MG could be deployed when holding fire and deploy
Fixed bug where players could kill team mates by going spectate after throwing a grenade
Fixed an issue where allied players could be killed on Omaha by getting too close to German spawn

Known Issues
New lighting and ambient occlusion still has some screen door artifacts. Turning Anti-Aliasing to Temporal will remove artifacts, or turning Post Process to Medium will remove all ambient occlusion.
BAR firing sounds are broken
Sniper zoom animation not functioning as it should
Some reload animations have body parts clipping

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